Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good news for people who like good news


Word on the street is that we now have 6 out of 7 residence permits in hand, and we’ll be flying to Kigoma Saturday morning!!
 (This is whom I mean by “we”: me (note my trendy Xtratuff clogs; Pete hates them), Ryan (Yvonne’s tech), Yvonne (co-PI: Wright State U.), Pete (my boss, co-PI: UW-Madison, shoe-hater), Lesley (MS student, WSU), Magnus (Canadian; not here actually, but still part of the team!), Renalda (Ph.D. student, WSU), and Benja (Ph.D. student, UW-Madison). Vanessa is our REU, but I don’t have a picture of her yet. This photo was taken on the banks of not-yet-frozen Lake Mendota last December at our annual team meeting just a few hours before the BON IVER concert!!  I had to work on a Saturday, but we finished in time for the show. I’m almost over it.)
Game on!

Ben…probably won’t be joining us until Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’re still hopeful he’ll arrive in time to make the trip to Mahale.

It’s good timing for us, since as previously posted, too much time in this city could make you lose your mind.

And my body really doesn’t want any more Indian food…

Here are a couple shots from around our neighborhood taken on the sly (lest I be accused of stealing souls with my camera).

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