Sunday, June 3, 2012

destination: lake tanganyika

officially, the intent of this blog is to document our field season in africa and chronicle what it means to actually do science.

unofficially, this is my chance to rant and rave, complain and rejoice at how frustrating/wonderful/soul-crushing/gratifying it is to work in one of the most breathtaking places on this planet.

things rarely go as planned.

and most days, after having spent the last 12 hours in the blazing sun wrangling cichlids into gillnets, watching fish pee in a bag while monkeys steal your peanut butter, or scrubbing algae off rocks with grotesquely oversized metal brushes, sometimes all you have to look forward to is some cold spaghetti,  a warm coke, and (if you're lucky) a bootleg copy of the latest season of dexter.

this is the good life. you chose this.

and remember: it's also supposed to be fun.

check that: this will be fun ;).

t minus 9 days...

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