Sunday, January 11, 2015

The end, and a beginning

This is it, the last entry in the field log from the Pacaya-Samiria (a mere 5 months after it all ended; I am nothing if not prompt...).

When I got back to Madison last August, I wrote a post that was meant to bring all the loose bits of memory and science and friendship that happened in the Peruvian Amazon together, and to a close.
All the stars we can't normally see
But in the end, that morose gem (written at 4:30am when I was Very Sad and couldn't sleep) turned out to be a mushy piece of garbage. And since this blog aims (above all) to shed light on the art of field science, I will sum up our summer on happier note.

In the end, there were just too many pictures to choose from to make a consolidated album (since the worst possible thing you can force on people you love is perusing thousands of vacation photos). So instead, I took this challenge as an opportunity to finally figure out the magic of iMovie (file it under 'painful attempts at becoming a Mac person') and spew my favorite memories into one giant...piece of art(?).
Thanks, Iquitos, for letting Nico and I become our own art!
If you find yourself with 4 minutes to spare, have a look-see at this photo tribute that's chockablock full of Things I Love, including:

Fishes (lots and lots of fishes...)
Lovely faces that continue to make me smile
BEN HOWARD! (He's so good I'll mention him twice.)

I think Peru changed all of us in ways we couldn't have predicted, and despite my attempts to tell our story, no life-changing experience can be meaningfully reduced to a series of anecdotes. So we go home, remember fondly, and begin again, thankful to those who joined us on the journey.

Todos mi amor, jungle friends; thank you for fishing with me ;).

Until we meet again...


  1. Ellen, I have really enjoyed reading your blog about the amazon!!! It was so cool to see what it is like to live and do field science there. Fantastic stories ad pictures!

  2. Thanks, Katie! I've been incredibly lucky in this life ;). Stay tuned for 2015 updates that will include field tales from Hawaii and one last go at Lake Tanganyika!